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Dentecom is the complete quality dental on-line resource for the dental profession and the patient in the U.K.

Dentecom will provide the following services to the patient;

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Dentecom's Directory of Dental Surgeries
You can search for a local dentist on Dentecom's easy to use directory, find out what specialist treatment is available at the practice, look at the practice profile and print out a map of the location.
Soon you'll be able to log on to the practice's web site and have even more information about the practice you select.

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Information that can be trusted
All the dental advice and information pages on Dentecom are written by U.K. qualified, practising Dentists. You can be confident that the advice and information is unbiased, up to date and reliable.

Dentecom will make available to the patient up to date information about innovative ideas and treatments in dentistry today. You can obtain advice, read articles, look through the frequently asked questions section, in fact you can know all there is to, about current dental health matters.

Dentecom A name in Dental Health you can trust


Information for all
Dentecom is a free service for the patient

Dentecom will ensure that quality dental health care advice and information can be accessed by everyone, irrespective of their income.

Dentecom believes that it's vital for a patient to understand dental health , how to acquire it, how to maintain it , and where to seek treatment when it's necessary. It's important to know why the treatment has become necessary, what the best treatment plan is and how to ensure you can access the services of a suitably qualified dentist who can help you.

It's not good enough to shroud the information in long latin medical terms , Dentecom will make sure that all treatments, procedures and other descriptions are in terms that are easily understood.


Welcome to Dentecom
Dentecom A name in Dental Health you know.

Information that is relevant to you
When you need a quick answer to a simple question, the last thing you want to do is trawl through stuff that isn't relevant to you. If what you want to know is, " Is it safe to whiten my teeth?" then you don't want to be provided with a lot of information about a baby's teething problems.

So that you receive the relevant information, we've divided the information and advice provided into "age ranges" because that's how dental issues usually arise, they tend to be age specific. For example only babies under the age of 2 years suffer from teething problems, and usually only older children are being advised to wear a brace.

In fact there's a special space for the under 12 's -Dentecom Junior. This section is devoted to providing advice, news, articles, for young people so that they can learn how best to look after their dental health right from the start! Dentecom Junior is designed with exciting graphics, puzzles and games, so that the learning doesn't stop the fun.

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Dentecom shop

A whole shop dedicated to providing you with dental health products, many specialised products that are not yet available in the High street, all at unbeatable prices.

You can be assured that your transaction is secure.

And finally Dentecom's mission statement says it all…

"Dentecom is committed to improving the way dental health care is delivered and received in the U.K."