Welcome to Dentecom.co.uk. We are pleased to announce the launch of the complete quality dental on-line resource for the dental profession and the patient in the U.K.

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Welcome to Dentecom Professional

Dentecom will deliver the following services to the dental profession :

Information Exchange

The latest information about techniques and innovative ideas in the dental field. Dentecom will create an exciting medium for the exchange of news, information, ideas and commentary generating discussion about topical issues in dentistry today.

Training and Education

Assistance in training and education for the whole dental team in an accessible and economic way, on and off-line. Visit our Course Guide section to check information & availability of Dental courses.

Supplies and Equipment

The benefits of purchasing dental supplies and equipment on-line as a community, harnessing the Dental profession's collective consumer power. Dentecom will allow dentists to communicate and purchase the services of other dental professionals including dental laboratory technicians, engineers and hygienists by providing comprehensive web directories.

Business Resources

Access to all the specialist services and advice required by the dental profession to carry out the business of dentistry in an efficient and cost effective way. Read The Legal Employment section written by Peninsula Business Services. Sound financial advice is provided by Ernst & Young.

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